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The following letter was sent out to parents on Tuesday.  If you have not received this information, please let the school know that you are not receiving email messages.


Dear DC Parents

First, I’d like to thank you for your patience, and your well-wishes to the start of a new school year. It truly warmed my heart when I arrived this morning to see welcome posters on the front door and a vase of flowers! Such a nice sight to see first thing “first day back”. Add to it the drop off of some individually packaged Purdy’s for staff and a couple superman masks for me, and we had a great day! Thank you!!

We spent much of the day reviewing protocols for keeping everyone safe. Every staff member was trained on COVID safety and our Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee will continue to meet regularly over the next few weeks to review our processes and make sure we are following the direction of the School Board.

We have heard from most of you re: your decision to do either remote learning, in-person learning or home schooling. (Please note that Home schooling means your child will not maintain a spot at DC for the 2020/21 school year. If you have any concerns about this, and would prefer the remote learning option that does secure a space moving forward, please contact the school at 250-478-7621.) For those of you we haven’t heard from, your child’s teacher will be calling to inquire if we don’t see your child here on their appointed day and time.

You should be receiving an email from your child’s teacher sometime today/tonight, letting you know their appointed time and place for your child’s time at DC this week. For those of you familiar with the MyEd Portal, even if you didn’t get an email, you can see whose homeroom teacher your child has and reference the schedule below. We are doing everything we can to communicate as quickly and effectively as possible, but it is not unusual for us to have an email or two that is not current or was entered incorrectly. If you haven’t heard anything by tomorrow morning, give us a call and we’ll try to sort things out for you!

Speaking of schedules, here is the schedule for Thursday and Friday of this week. Students are to attend for only one hour at their appointed time. Please unite your child with their divisional teacher (at their divisional cone) on the back field, and try not to be too early. Practicing physical distancing is critical. Once children are heading into the school, please head out and return one hour later to be re-united with your child in the same place you dropped them off.  As per COVID regulations from the school board, parents are not allowed in the school.

September 10, 2020

Time                                              Div

9-10am                                        1 Ms. Green, 2 Ms Dickinson, 3 Ms. Prette

10:30-11:30                                 4 Ms. Ralph, 5 Ms. Kilpatrick

12:45-1:45                                   6 Ms. Liew/Ms. Benner, 7 Ms. Taylor-Lee / Mr. Karleen


September 11, 2020

Time                                              Div

9-10am                                        8 Ms. Steacy, 10 Ms. Bell / Mr. Greggain

10:30-11:30                                 9 Ms. Holmes, 11 Ms. Lovbakke

12:45-1:45                                   12 Ms. Maggiora, 13 Ms. Tolman / Ms. Yee, 14 Ms. Pare

(Please note that these groupings are not reflective of the cohorts at this time.)


Kindergarten parents have already been contacted to let them know the meeting times for Friday.


Your children will be briefed on the following topics during their hour at school this week…

Hand washing video

What your specific schedule will be re: recess and lunch

ZONES on the playground

FIRE drills

Fountain use

Use of Masks

Physical distancing in the halls, and between cohorts

Use of the library, gym, music room and multipurpose room

Start time remains the same: No early drop-offs.

End time remains the same: head off campus straight away after School



PORTABLES: There will be a hand washing station available for use by kids in the portables. It will be outside under cover. Portables also have sanitizer.