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Dear families,

Please see attached letter from VIHA about a COVID-19 exposure at David Cameron Elementary School. The dates of possible exposure occurred April 14, 15, 16.

VIHA Letter: General Exposure David Cameron

SD62 will no longer be using an automated call to alert you to check your email.

Medium-Risk letters: these may also be sent by SD62 on behalf of VIHA to certain classes or cohorts. VIHA decides who these are sent to.

High-Risk letters: If VIHA decides that your child had high-risk to exposure, you will receive a high-risk letter and telephone call from school admin AND Island Health.

Subsequent letters (medium-risk and high-risk) are sent out very quickly. So far, VIHA has completed their contact tracing within four hours. This time may change as case loads increase for VIHA. SD62 will do its best to communicate with you, but please understand that ALL direction comes from VIHA.

If you have any questions, please call 8-1-1.

Thank you,

Terry Honer
David Cameron Elementary School


Don’t forget that April 15th is a 3 hour EARLY DISMISSAL for Parent Teacher Conferences.  School is out at 11:38AM.



I wanted to let you know that there will be free shipping on the Wednesday of our fair.  This is a great way for the school community to come together and the bonus is Free Shipping between the hours of 6 – 8 pm.  Highlighted below is the free shipping window for your fair.

Wednesday, April 7th: 6 – 8 pm

Wednesday, April 14th: 6 – 8 pmvirtual-family-night-flyer-customize

Masks for Grades 4 and up 29March2021 Final

​​​​​Feb 27, 2021

COVID-19 General Notification

Dear Parents, Guardians, Families and Staff,

This letter is to provide notification that a member of your school community has tested positive for COVID-19. They are isolating and are being followed by Island Health.

Dates of potential exposure in the school community occurred:

Monday February 22/21, Tuesday Feb 23/21 and Wednesday Feb 24/21

Island Health is completing contact tracing to identify any staff or students that need to self-isolate or self-monitor for symptoms.

Receiving this letter does not mean you or your child has been exposed to COVID-19.

The intent of this letter is to share information with the school community and advise you on next steps being taken by Island Health.


COVID-19 is primarily spread by the respiratory droplets an infected person produces when they breathe, cough, sneeze, talk, or sing. If you are in close contact with an infected person for a prolonged period of time, the virus can enter your body if droplets get into your throat, nose, or eyes.


  • Phone calls or letters will be sent to staff and students that Island Health has identified as needing to self isolate for 14 days from when they were exposed.
  • If you do not receive a phone call or letter continue to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and seek testing and self isolate if symptoms begin.
  • For privacy reasons, we cannot give out any specific details on the COVID-19 exposure other than the information provided above.

Yours in health,

Dee Hoyano, MD, FRCPC
Medical Health Officer
Island Health

Scott Stinson
Superintendent of School/CEO
Sooke School District


****Middle School Academy Registration for 2021/22 School Year

will open on March 8th 6:00 am.


Journey – Hockey Academy

Dunsmuir – Soccer and Dance

Spencer – Hockey


These Academies run in the timetable during the regular school day




****Middle School Golf Academy Registration for 2021/22 School Year

will open February 8th 6:00 am

Golf Academy is open to all Middle school students 6-8


The Golf Academy will run after school on Monday, Wednesday and some Fridays



Wayne Kelly

District Principal Sooke School District Sports Academy Programs, PACE and Percussion Programs
Canadian Sports School Principal
Sports Academy Liaison with Rugby Canada  & Golf Canada
W-250-391-9002 ext. 250



Due to COVID-19 please do not send any Christmas Cards, sweets or other items into the school with your child this Christmas.  Thank you for following the protocols that we have in place to keep everyone safe and healthy at David Cameron.

Cards and Items for Staff

Should parents wish to drop off cards or items for staff, please label the items and place in designated boxes at the entrance of the school on Friday morning.




Link to the daily health check info for SD62



Message to Parents September 25th

In some ways, hard to believe we’ve just had our last full week of September! Marshalling in the morning has been going well. We will continue this practice for the time being. After test-running the system of divisional signs on the building (See attached photo), we will be spacing out the numbers to allow for more room between classes. Stay tuned on that front. We will still ask kids to line up on the field, as best lined up with their divisional number as possible.

Our Twoonie for Terry campaign went well. Thanks to all those who could support such a good cause.

Special thanks to PAC for their amazing support of the school. The increase to classroom funds was greatly appreciated.

Remote learners! Mr. Honer invites you to send him pictures of what you are working on at home for the monthly school video! Email him at thoner@sd62.bc.ca

Walking field trips: these happen on a regular basis at DC. My expectation is that teachers will let you know where and when this is happening, as well as the office. Teachers will leave their cell phone #’s with the office should a family emergency arise and we need to get a hold of your child.

What happens if there is a case of COVID in the school?

This is a question that is on many people’s minds these days. The district has updated their website, outlining the “what happens if” scenario around COVID. The direct link to follow is



Kindergarten classes, with the exception of Ms. Guterson’s class, will dismiss from their outside doors. Ms. Guterson will continue to dismiss from the divisional sign on the back field. Reminder: physical distancing is imperative to keep us all safe.

Remote learners: Ms. Ralph has been assigned to the intermediate (4,5) for DC, Savory and Ruth King. Ms. Heather Lait, principal at Westshore, is the principal overseeing this program. We have yet to be told who the teacher for grades 1,2 and 3 are. As always, as I have more info I will be sharing with you.

What is Orange Shirt Day (September 30th)?

In 1973 six-year old Phyllis Webstad was gifted a brand new orange shirt from her grandmother and wore it to the residential (mission) school she attended in British Columbia. Upon her arrival, school officials removed and discarded the shirt from her and replaced it with a school uniform. This greatly impacted the mental and emotional well-being of Webstad and symbolized that “her feelings never mattered.” September 30 was chosen as the date to commemorate all the children that attended residential schools as it was also the time of year that children had to leave their homes and communities to attend the schools. This annual campaign began in 2013 after Webstad shared this experience at a reunion with other survivors.

Visit the Orange Shirt Day webpage for more information and to access lesson plans at www.orangeshirtday.org.

Mr. Honer and Sockie will be wearing their orange shirts on September 30!


The Lets’ Read program will be kicking off for all DC Eagles October 5th! Please find attached the form should you need to print one off at home.


Here are some dates for you to consider:

September 28                  Non-Instructional Day. School Closed

September 30                  Orange Shirt Day

October 12                       Thanksgiving. School not in session.

October 15                       Photo Day^ (all physical distancing protocols are in place)

October 23                       Non-Instructional Day. School Closed

November 11                   Remembrance Day: school not in session

November 16                   Photo re-take day

November 20                   Non-instructional Day. School Closed

December 1                     1st day of Food drive.

December 11                   Report Cards home*

December 18                   Last day of school before Christmas Break

^ For those children doing remote learning, please contact Lifetouch directly and arrange for a photo to be done at their studio.

*note: many teachers have now adopted the “point of progress” reporting regime implemented by the ministry of education. By the end of October, you should have a good idea from your child’s teacher what this will look like.


On behalf of the staff at DC, have a wonderful weekend.