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Acting Principal: Sue Tonnesen

Acting Vice-Principal: Gemma Clarke

Teacher in Charge: Stacey Green

Secretary: Sandra Meyer


Division 1  Stacey Green

Division 2  Sheri Ralph

Division 3 Jessica Prette

Division 4  Alex Doucette

Division 5  Sue Kilpatrick

Division 6  Lisa Liew (am) / Lindsay Benner (pm)

Division 7  Savannah Taylor-Lee

Division 8 Terra Steacy

Division 9  Danielle Swan / Julia Lefevbre

Division 10  Elizabeth Bell / Kimberly Boesche

Division 11  Vanessa Yee / Nerine Sequiera

Division 12  Shannon Maggiora / Dylan Karleen

Division 13  Debra Tolman / Dylan Karleen

Division 14  Jamie Pare

Division 15  Rosemary Symington

Division 16  Barb Weinberger

Division 17  Erin Pugh

Division 18 Titania Guterson (ECE:  Lisa Miller)

Music Teacher: Giles Borland

Drama Teacher: Isabelle Spencer

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Support – Sandra Satchwell
Communication Facilitator – Cindy Nordstokke

Integration Support and Reading Recovery – Robyn Penfold
Learning Assistance – Kara McPherson

Integration Support – Tannis Stewart

Integration Support – Gemma Clarke

Librarian – Nerine Sequeria

School Counselor – Pam Cooper

Library Assistant – Danica Fruttarol (Thursdays)


Dawn Williams – Education Assistant
– Education Assistant
Kathleen Baird – Education Assistant
Kelly Munro – Education Assistant
Susan Rumley- Education Assistant
Joni Hales – Education Assistant
Janice Henwood – Education Assistant
Cynthia Nordstoke – Education Assistant
Amanda Haanen – Education Assistant
Angie Rol- Education Assistant
Gina Wade – Education Assistant

Aboriginal Education Support –

Head Custodian – Cindy Story
Custodian – Rustie Chipps

Noon Hour Supervisors – Pat Hill /Crystal McNichol/Laurie Anne Timlock/ Tracy Whitson