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Supporting Students at David Cameron
The goal of the discipline model used at David Cameron Elementary School is to support student growth in the area of Social Responsibility. It is hoped that through a program based on the principles of both restitution and restorative practices students will develop an understanding of how to meet their personal needs while maintaining the global needs of the school.

Teaching the global and personal needs and providing students with opportunities to practice appropriate ways to meet these needs provides the foundation for this model. When problems arise students will be asked to; describe what personal need they were trying to meet, identify more appropriate ways of meeting these needs, describing who has been effected by their actions and make a plan on how they will make it right.

Supporting growth in social responsibility is shared by many partners including; students, staff, families, school district and community agencies. Establishing common language and open communication between the stakeholders will help to ensure growth in this area.

Personal Responsibility

Global Needs

As a school we need everyone to…


– participate in activities in which you and those around you will be safe

– use materials appropriately

– make sure that the school is free from weapons intoxicating substances and intruders

– help others when help is needed


– try your best to learn new things

– do your best to create a positive and supportive learning environment in the classroom

– work hard to fix problems when then arise

– make sure that you act in a way that helps everyone meet their needs

– make sure that your tidy up after yourself


– be inclusive of others

– support others to do their best

– be open and accepting of personal differences This includes age, race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, or sexual orientation.

be Respectful

– treat each other with kindness

– treat school property with care

– help to protect the natural environment of our school
At David Cameron we strive to

Develop a safe, caring and

inclusive environment for all of

our students by involving staff,

parents and the community.

Contract at David Cameron

Personal Needs

At school we all have a need for…


– learn new things,

– taking on leadership roles at school

– helping out around the school / class

– being confident

– feeling in control of yourself


– joining clubs, teams

– forming connections with peers / staff

– being comfortable at school

– happy to come to school

– being liked


– playing with friends

– recess / lunch

– laughing / smiling

– creative projects

– doing what you like to do


– trying new things

– having choice

– being in a safe, supportive and caring environment

– exploring areas of interest

– participating in group, individual activities

– to be yourself