David Cameron Eagles on the Court, the Field and on the Track! GO EAGLES!!!!

Your David Cameron Eagles Play HERE!!

THis year DC students have already participated in…

*  Cross Country
*  Volleyball

After Christmas DC students will have the opportunity to participate in…

*  Basketball  (Grades 5 and 6)
*  Cross COuntry  (Grades 1-6)
*  Soccer  (Grades 5 and 6)
*  Track and Field  (Grades 4-6)

Goals of the Sooke Sports Council

To encourage maximum participation in all sporting events

To promote enthusiasm amongst the students by allowing them to participate in extra curricular activities

To not cut students from teams, allowing all students to attend practices

To allow all students who attend practices to play a significant amount of games throughout the season

To take a reasonable number of students to a game

To have students attending the game play the same amount of time


Spectator’s Expectations

Spectators are encouraged and welcomed to attend school sporting activities.  It is expected that each spectator will:

Behave in a positive, courteous manner as guests of the host school

Cheer in a positive manner for all competitors.  At the elementary level the students are being encouraged to try all
sports and they often go out of their comfort level.

Respect the decisions of officials.  All referees are volunteering their time.  As well, referees are basing their decisions
on the game rules which have been altered at the elementary school level in order to increase participation.

To be courteous and respectful to all other spectators, all competitors and all coaches and event organizers.  Be an
example to the students.

Respect the rules and the regulations of the host school, especially with regard to food and drink.


Athlete’s Expectations

Students are encouraged to participate in all extra-curricular activities and sports teams.  It is expected that each athlete will:

Behave above the normal standard and show respect to teammates, coaches, opponents, event organizers and
spectators.  It is a privilege to represent the school and community

Demonstrate 100% respect and cooperation so skills and knowledge of the game can be learned and/or improved.
Coaches are there on their own time.

Respect decisions by a referee in any game without gesture or argument.  Some calls are always missed in any
sport, at any level.

Appreciate the parent drivers, without these volunteers games would not be possible.

Treat opponents with respect and show sportsmanship at all times.

Exercise self-control at all times by winning gracefully and losing with dignity.