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David Cameron Library

Ms. Sequeira is the school’s librarian. She is in the library every day until 1:15pm. When Ms. Sequeira is not in the library, she is teaching Grade 2.  Ms. Fruttarol is our school’s library assistant and is in the library on Thursday afternoons.

Students may take out 1-2 books depending on the teacher’s preference.

If a book has been lost or damaged, a note will be sent to parents.

 Outdated books that are deleted from our system are often offered to students for free!

You can contact Ms. Sequeira with any questions at  nsequeira@sd62.bc.ca or 250-478-7621.

Kiddle: safe visual search engine for kids: https://www.kiddle.co/ 

Online resources
Please contact your teacher librarian for your school’s username and password information.


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National Kids


Power search    Global Issues


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Media Smarts:

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Canoe Kids:

David Suzuki resources for teachers, parents, grandparents, and caregivers: https://getbackoutside.ca/#resources

Greater Victoria Public Library: https://www.gvpl.ca/